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Sun, Jul 30


Everton Park

Trauma-Informed Breathwork

This breathwork is intentionally used to shift blocked energy caused by trauma, raise awareness around our existing emotional health and unlock limitless healing potential in the body.

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Trauma-Informed Breathwork
Trauma-Informed Breathwork

Time & Location

Jul 30, 2023, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Everton Park, Everton Park QLD 4053, Australia

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Event Details

Trauma-Informed Breathwork is an effective and powerful tool which seeks to drop you into a “non-ordinary state of consciousness“ in order to access the part of our brain which holds memory and emotion. This breathwork is intentionally used to shift blocked energy caused by trauma, raises awareness around our existing emotional health and unlocks limitless healing potential in the body.

During this 3 hour event, we will guide you through a beautiful process which will safely and carefully allow you to explore your own inner world. We use somatic movement, ceremonial cacao and guided meditations to help you connect with your physical, emotional and mental layers.

You will be facilitated to connect deeply with yourself whilst being instructed on how to better understand trauma and stress by an industry leading Psychotherapist.

This Trauma-Informed Breathwork experience centres around using a specific, long-form breath-pattern which will activate sympathetic and parasympathetic responses from your body. Each journey is different. You may feel a deep level of calm, gain messages from your subconscious, experience a powerful energetic or emotional release, or connect with something more metaphysical. Your body is intelligent and will use this practice in whichever way it needs on the day. As your journey concludes, you will be guided into a safe and loving integration process with gentle crystal bowl sound healing, guided mediation and restorative grounding practices.

Trauma & Breathwork 

Trauma is a human experience - at some point, everyone encounters it. One study shows that approximately 70% of people worldwide experience at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. Often categorized as a “Big T” trauma, like sexual abuse, a natural disaster, and war, or a “Little T” trauma like a breakup, prolonged stress, or financial trouble — all traumas have an impact on our bodies and subconscious mind. Over time, these impacts can compound and become further internalised, and ultimately, trauma manifests as physical or emotional symptoms/disease. Breathwork has many positive effects on alleviating anxiety, stress and the emotional tension held in the body. Breathwork can also help heal trauma, release stored/stuck energy, and restore aspects of ourselves that have been impacted by traumatic events. As the pressure of our emotions begin to release, a path towards healing and wholeness is made clear, and balance is able to be restored.

What is Trauma-Informed Breathwork?

The Trauma-Informed Breathwork that we use is a Holotropic-style form of breathwork. Holotropic breathwork is classified as deeply transformational and meaningful work. The word Holotropic means: “moving toward wholeness”, and originates from the Greek words “holos”, which means ‘whole’ and “trepein”, which means ‘moving towards’. This breathwork technique pairs quickened breathing with evocative music, to elicit healing and transformational experiences for the individual. This type of breathwork brings participants into non-ordinary states of consciousness, allowing for suppressed thoughts and emotions to more easily move towards the surface to be expressed, processed, and released. Allowing ourselves to feel and heal from the emotions and memories that comprise these traumas is a profound process. The emotional charge of the traumas is allowed to flow, and it’s hold on us is released. After a single session, people share their experience as “feeling lightness and clarity”.

Expert Facilitation To Support Your Journey

The Breath collective is comprised of two health specialists, both with specific skillsets, they cover both the physical body and the mind.

Christopher Marinko uses his expertise as a Holistic Health Specialist to explain the science of breathwork to you. He’ll break down what’s happening in the body during the breath, ensuring you feel empowered with the knowledge to fully let go. Anna Wood brings forward her years of experience as a Psychotherapist to support participants to safety explore the depths of their psyche. As a specialist in the trauma field, Anna provides a unique trauma-informed lens under which participants can safely access the these trending breathwork practices.

Before your journey, Anna introduces tools to activate the appropriate brain hemispheres, guiding participants to gently drop into their body and connect as group, as to create a safe space where everyone feels fully supported and capable to use this breathwork to the best of their ability.

Integration is another important aspect of the Trauma-Informed Breathwork process. A breathwork journey may bring great insight or a strong cathartic experience… but then what? At The Breath Collective we pride ourselves on the level of aftercare we offer our clients. We offer time after the breath for journalling, grounding and group reflection. We share a short breathwork recording to support creating a daily practice. The Breath Collective also offers its participants a special discount to use for our other offerings which include, hot and cold therapy, massage, more breathwork and individual Holistic Psychotherapy sessions, which can be valuable if additional integration is required after a group session.

Benefits Include:

  • provides deep relaxation
  • promotes higher levels of self-awareness
  • treats post-traumatic stress disorder
  • combats addiction
  • alleviates depression & anxiety
  • supports deep emotional catharsis and trauma healing
  • elicits altered states of consciousness associated with meditation and transpersonal experiences

By shifting mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, we can surrender, drop away from the egoic mind, and make space for healing on many levels.

This experience welcomes anyone seeking to shift or increase their own awareness.


Breathwork is a powerful experiential tool for accessing your own inner healing. As this process can bring up intense emotions and strong physical sensations in some, it is not recommended for those with certain types of conditions including head injuries, heart conditions, pregnancy, recent surgery, serious mental health, or other physical limitations. If you are unsure, please consult your family doctor.


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